Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mini Basket Party Kits

The stuff for a basket party kit can add up to quite a bit of money (party testers, maybe warmers, catalogs, order forms, basket/bag, etc.) I wanted to have some basket parties ready to hand out at a fair, but I was a little nervous about it because I knew I'd handing them out to total strangers, maybe limiting my ability to get my stuff back.

My solution was to make mini basket party kits. I figured that if I didn't get them back, I wouldn't be out much. In fact, they are almost disposible

First, I made samples of just the Scentsy Favorites scents and put them in little plastic bags:

The mini party kits contained these samples, 3 catalogs, 3 order forms, business cards, a little flyer I made myself, a self-addressed envelope for returning the samples, and a flyer for the warmer of the month:

These mini kits were very inexpensive to make. Everything fit perfectly into a gallon size ziploc bag, folded in half. I put stickers on it with my information and instructions for holding the party and returning everything to me.

Unfortunately, I didn't hand any of these out at the fair I made them for, but I plan to use them at the next event where I'm promoting Scentsy.


  1. Great Idea. I even have the mold you used. Thanks, Katie

  2. could you include what you wrote in the flyer you made? i am really interested in making some of these because this is such a great idea!!