Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leveraging My Work

OK, so I'm new to Scentsy and I haven't had a party or sold anything yet. So I don't really know what I'm talking about. But that doesn't mean I'll shut up!

I've been thinking about what strategy to take with Scentsy, and it seems to me that the whole key is to leverage personal effort.

The most obvious thing to do, in terms of leveraging, is to recruit like crazy as fast as you can. Then you have an organization working for you, and instead of profiting from just your own efforts, you're profiting from many other peoples' efforts. (Check out the compensation plan!!!) Scentsy makes it really easy to recruit, because it's so easy for people to get in and to stay active.

The next obvious leveraging thing is basket parties. With basket parties, you're leveraging your resources and the hostess' effort. You don't have to go somewhere at a certain time and stay there a few hours, plus add travel time on to that, to have a show. Instead, you're just making baskets, checking them out, checking them back in, placing orders, and communicating with your hostess.

When you have a bunch of baskets created and checked out, you have a bunch of good little workers out there earning money for you. On the forums, I've seen people saying that they have people waiting to do basket parties, because they don't have enough baskets. That doesn't make sense to me. Why make people wait to buy from you? Especially when you can put together a simple little basket for under $30. (Pour basket testers from your party testers and just use an inexpensive container.)

Plus, the return on investment is phenomenal. If I put together a basket and it costs me $30, and someone takes it and does a $150 show, I just made my money back. If it does a $300 show, I just doubled my money! (And that's at the lowest possible compensation level!) And this can keep going and going and going until the basket gets worn out!

Seems like a last obvious leveraging thing is to use technology. It's so easy for people to order from your personal web site, and to sign up from the web site, that I think you'd have to be crazy not to at least keep the initial 3 months' personal web site.

You'd also have to be crazy not to get as many emails as possible from those who attend shows (think drawings!), those who buy (they'll always need more wax!), and keep an email list that you can use for easy communication.

Beyond the personal web site and email lists - it seems like blogging (and linking to your web site from your blog), using Facebook/Myspace and Twitter - all are ways to use technology, to leverage effort. They give you a way to have a presence literally all over the world, far beyond the reach of your own friends and neighbors! And with Scentsy, you have long-distance parties from anywhere in the world - just mail a set of basket testers. So WHY NOT?!

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