Thursday, April 23, 2009

Making Basket Testers

Just got done making four full sets of basket testers. I used the containers from the Scentsy set that I bought at They worked out great! I followed the instructions at, and it worked out really well.

But, it was a LOT of work! Here are some notes to myself for next time:

1. Line the basket testers up in alphabetical order (the labels from are in alphabetical order, and there are enough labels to make 3 full sets of basket testers. It's almost as easy to do three as one, so you might as well do all three).

2. Line the little empty plastic containers up next to the basket containers. Don't close them (they won't lie as flat), and don't put the labels on first (it's easier to do it after you've poured the wax and closed the containers).

3. It works best if you can get in a good "rhythm" where as you finish pouring a set of one fragrance, you have another ready. For me, what worked best was to have about 7 party testers in a saucepan with about an inch of water on the stove, with the burner set to about 4. Then take out one scent to pour, and put another scent in to melt.

4. I found it easiest to pour the wax if it wasn't completely melted. When it was all the way melted, it was easier to spill. I liked it best when there was still a small hard "crust" on the top, and I could just poke a hole down the side to pour from. This kept the wax from coming out too fast.

5. After I poured the wax, I found it was best if I let the containers cool and dry for a little while. (That way, the labels didn't smear, and they stuck better because the containers weren't wet.)

6. Then I put the labels on. I found it easiest to do this if I waited until ALL of the containers were poured, cooled, and closed. That way I could just work systematically, in alphabetical order.

I poured four sets, three in the little flat containers from, and one in some little containers I got at JoAnn's. Seemed to me that I used less than half of the wax in my party testers. So I think you could pour about 8 sets of basket testers from a set of party testers. A set of party testers costs $80, so I think you could pour a set of basket testers for about $10 each. You can get three sets of containers/labels from for about $60, so the containers/labels for a set cost about $20 each. That's about $30 for a full set of basket testers if you pour them yourself - half of the $60 cost to purchase from Scentsy.

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