Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why Scentsy Could be Da Bomb

OK, I have a confession to make. (Two, in fact.)

1) I don't like selling.
2) I'm not really a candle kind of girl.

So what am I doing selling Scentsy?

Well, I've tried all kinds of little freelancing/entrepreneurial ventures, including direct sales for several other companies. I am brand new to Scentsy, and I mainly signed up because we went to a party and my teenage daughter was so intrigued with it. But the more I learn about Scentsy, the more I think that Scentsy could actually be "da bomb." Here's why:

Scentsy is sooo EASY. Most companies have a whole catalog of different products, and each has a different price. With Scentsy, I plan to mainly sell little warmers (plug ins), big warmers (deluxe warmers), and wax (bars). That's three main things and three prices to remember. That's three categories of products to stock. I barely even have to look anything up in the catalog, to fill orders, because the codes are so simple. It is just sooooo easy.

It's easy to keep your status active. My life is very busy and full right now. I need to be able to work on my own terms, when I want to, and even how much I want to. I want to be able to "drop out" for awhile if I need to, without losing my status. I don't want to have the pressure of having to do X amount of volume every month in order to remain an active consultant.

With Scentsy, all I have to do to keep my status, is place one $150 order every 3 months. That's easy. And because the product line is so simple, I can even feel good about placing an inventory order as one of those orders, then just keeping the product to sell at my next party. I can afford to "risk" $150 every three months (only $50/month!) to keep my status active.

It's easy to recruit and keep your downline. Everyone knows that people who make the real money in direct sales, make it because they have a downline. It only costs about $115 to get in to Scentsy, and you don't have to qualify per se, so it's easy to recruit. Most direct sales companies have requirements for keeping your downline (i.e., you can't go inactive, you have to sell a certain amount of volume, etc.). Of all the companies I know, Scentsy has the easiest rules for keeping your downline. You just have to stay active (ie order $150 per quarter). I can do that.

Now, you don't get your downline override unless you personally sell $500 per month. So if you decide to kick back for a few months, you might not get your downline override for those months. BUT, you won't lose the whole downline and have to start from scratch again when you decide to kick back into gear again.

Basket parties. The usual direct sales scenario is that a hostess throws a party where she invites her friends. They come to her home on a certain day at a certain time. Hopefully, they buy.

Well, everyone I know is WAY busy. Even people who really want to have a party, often have a hard time finding time to do so, and their friends have a hard time finding time to come. So these people can do catalog parties, where they bring catalogs to their friends. But products never sell as well from catalogs, as they do in real life. In my experience, catalog parties are usualy a bust.

But with Scentsy ... ! The nature of the product lends itself beautifully to basket parties. That's where the hostess just takes a container with small samples of the wax for a week or so, and sells to her friends at work or whatever. Instead of having to go to the party, the party comes to you.

Easy and convenient for the hostess, and fabulous for the consultant. (I would never do 5 home parties in a week - I don't want to be away from my family that much. But I would have no problem checking out 5 baskets in a week, then checking them back in and placing the orders!)

Great Support! As soon as I got my ID and password, I went to check out the Scentsy web site. Almost immediately, I discovered the consultant forums.

Wow, what a resource! Here you have hundreds of ladies sharing their experience with Scentsy - what's worked for them, what hasn't, asking questions and helping each other. They share everything you can imagine - pictures of their basket parties and displays; flyers they've created; little handbooks; price comparisons, all kinds of GREAT stuff!

I spent a few hours perusing the forums and felt like I got a good year's head start of experience, by getting to pick everyone's brains for their experience and ideas! A great head start for me or anyone else!

New Company. Scentsy is relatively new - only 5 years old. There's always opportunity in everything, but often the people who really make money with a direct sales company, are the ones who get in early. If you start with Scentsy now, you're getting in on the ground floor.

Yeah, I think Scentsy might be da bomb!

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