Thursday, August 20, 2009

Notes from Prospecting Workshop at Convention

Here's my notes from the Prospecting workshop I attended at Convention. It was done in kind of a Q & A format, with a panel of four SuperStar Directors (I think they may have been different every session). These notes aren't necessarily complete, but they're what struck me.

Always be prepared to prospect.
* Keep catalogs, car candles, business cards in your purse or bag so you can hand them out at any time
* You never know when you'll have an opportunity
* The worst they can do is say no

Tell people about Scentsy every day.
* Try to tell 5-10 people every day.
* Make it work in your life.
* You can send emails with links to the catalog.
* The key is to not give up.
* Put catalogs out at doctors/dentists offices.
* If you talked to 2 people a day for 4 years, you would talk w/ about 3000 people in four years!
* Talk to people in lines
* Give small gifts to people you see all the time (ie, car candle to your banker)
* Don't try to force things - let people work on their own time - has to fit
* Make lists of people you know

Using the Internet
* Facebook
* MySpace
* LinkedIn
* Message boards
* Forums
* Yahoo groups

Believe in your business and have a goal
* Know where you want to go
* Attach time limits to your goals
* Put sticky notes and visual reminders up to remind you of your goals

* The best customers in your current customer base are prime for recruiting

* Let them go to WalMart, they'll come back
* Be gracious and give them a discount when they do
* Say "Actually, mine is free" and explain how they can get it for free
* Explain how Scentsy compares to the competition, price-wise

* Know your community
* Avoid "bad nights" in your community (for example, Mondays in Utah)

Successful shows
* Give out personal invitations
* Reminder calls the day before
* Theme parties (cookie exchange, recipe exchange, mexican party, banana splits)
* Mystery hostess
* Rewards for bringing a guest

Dealing with Setbacks
* "If times are tough, you just work harder"
* Don't quit
* Success might be just around the corner
* For everyone who says no, there's someone else who's looking
* Don't get sucked into "the economy's bad" trap

Why Scentsy works
* It's simple
* It appeals to everyone

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