Friday, August 21, 2009

Scentsy Can be Anything You Want

One of the main reasons I like Scentsy is because Scentsy can be anything you want it to be. Truly.

If you want to be a "personal use consultant" (one who's in it mainly to get discounted products), you can. Scentsy is EASY to maintain active status in. All you have to do is have one qualified party ($150 in sales) every 3 months. That's only four $150 parties a year.

One consultant I talked to doesn't even do that. She has two parties a year, and places two inventory orders a year (selling the inventory at the parties). Her life is very full and busy, and that's all she wants to do right now.

[When you do the math for this scenario, it's really quite compelling: If the lowest-ranking consultant - Escential - places two inventory orders a year, she will receive a commission of $30 on each $150 order, for a total of $60 in commissions. That means she really only needs to put out $240 on the two inventory shows ($300 - $60). Then, if she has two $150 parties in a year, she will earn another $60 in commissions ($30/show). If she applies that $60 to the two inventory orders, she really only need to put out $180 on the inventory orders ($240 - $60). Most likely, that $180 will easily be covered by her two "paying" shows.]

And heck - you can place a $150 show yourself, just by doing all your Christmas, birthday, teacher, wedding, bridal, thank-you, and other incidental gift shopping for the year, all at one time!

On the other hand, if you want to totally go for it and create a career, you can. I spoke with one consultant at Convention who is making a six-figure income with Scentsy. She has been in it four years and she works very, very hard. But I know lots of women who have had their jobs for four years and work very, very hard, and none of them are making what this consultant is making. She projects a 50% increase in her income this year (based on the year so far). No one who is working a "regular" job gets a 50% pay raise in a year - at least, I've never heard of it - and especially not in a recession!

With Scentsy, you can work when you want to work. If you want to take the summer off, you can. If you want to take December off, you can. You mark out the days you want to work on your calendar, and you work those days. Of course you also have to take the initiative to fill up your schedule.

It's also true that a lot of the work of Scentsy (making calls & emails, filling orders, managing inventory, etc.) can be done at home in little bits and pieces as it fits. And a lot of the work of Scentsy can mesh right with what you're doing already (talk to someone at a soccer game, hand out samples at the bank, put a car vinyl on the car you drive every day anyhow).

I have been involved with five direct-selling companies at various times in my life: Pampered Chef, lia sophia jewelry, Jafra cosmetics, BeautiControl skin care, and Scentsy. Of all these companies, Scentsy has the best career path and compensation plan.

Most companies require you to sell a monthly quota to retain active status. Scentsy has a quarterly quota, and everyone else's monthly quota is higher than Scentsy's quarterly quota (which is only $150!) So Scentsy is the easiest company to stay active in. That's important, because you have to stay active to retain your rank and your downline, which have a big effect in determining your income.

With every other company, if you miss your quota or go inactive, you lose out big. For example, with Lia Sophia, you lose your downline. With Pampered Chef, you start over from ZERO on your lifetime sales (which drops your rank, which drops your pay).

With Scentsy, you retain your rank as long as you stay active (you aren't paid certain commissions that month if you don't hit the monthly quota, but you don't lose your downline either). Plus, Scentsy's personal sales quota that you have to hit in order to receive commissions on your downline in any given month, is only $500. That is very low, in the direct-selling world.

What all this means is that Scentsy's compensation plan is far more flexible and generous than anyone else's. So it cuts both ways: if you don't want to work a whole lot, Scentsy is flexible enough to let you do that. If you want to go for it, work hard, and earn a good income, Scentsy will get you there faster than anyone else.

For myself, I'm more at the "personal-use" end of the consultant spectrum right now. But I also like the idea that if I wanted to move more to the "make-money" end of the spectrum, everything I'm doing now is positioning me to do so, should I decide I want to kick it up a notch or two.

Besides, I'm sure having a lot of fun where I'm at!

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